Curry Design LLC


Curry Design LLC is a sole-proprietorship featuring furniture designed and crafted by Terrence M Curry. Terrence has been making furniture for over 30 years. He values craftsmanship, innovation and refinement. He is award-winning designer committed to the pursuit of Beauty through refined design and quality craftsmanship. He makes use of traditional methods and advanced technologies. He works with real materials solid wood, leather, metals, oil, engaging with these materials to coax out the intended function and a feeling of beauty. He works with clients to discover innovative solutions for complex design problems.

55 33rd Street, Workshop A302   Brooklyn NY 11232


Perry Bed

Contemporary bed inspired by Craftsman tradition. The bed is made from NE USA cherry wood and finished with oil and wax. The curved slats are laminated curly cherry.


Perry Nightstands

Two side tables designed to compliment the Perry bed. The tables are made from NE USA cherry wood, finished with oil and wax. Dowels are maple.


BC High Student Chapel Altar

Altar made for Boston College High School student chapel. The altar is made from white oak cut to produce 3 grain patterns. The design is inspired by Song Dynasty furniture design. The hole in the middle of the altar is for an "altar stone" typical in the Catholic tradition. The altar is finished with oil and wax.


Brooklyn Jesuit Prep Faculty Lounge Table

The table is made for use at the Brooklyn Jesuit Prep faculty lounge. The table, inspired by the US Craftsman style, is made from NE USA cherry and finished with oil and wax. As a means for keeping cost down, the top was made from Baltic birch finished with waterborne polyurethane. 29" H, 34" W, 88" L