Sean Hazen


Sean Hazen is an artist and photographer currently based out of Los Angeles. Sean was born in Okayama, Japan, where he was exposed to modern Japanese city life, as well as the scenic countryside, and rich cultural history.

Half American, and half Japanese, Sean often traveled internationally during his youth, visiting the United States, Europe, and Asia. His interest in photography began as a hobby as he documented his travels. Sean’s unique perspective comes from his exposure to many different cultures. This experience has allowed him to explore imagery like an insider, but maintain the perspective of an outsider. Witnessing differences in nature, cities, people, and culture; Sean has a unique vision that is fueled by curiously, and open-mindedness, and a knack for capturing special everyday moments.

At age 17 Sean moved to the United States to finish High School in Louisiana. After graduating he moved to San Francisco and attended California College of the Arts, where he studied furniture design and fine arts. At CCA he worked in a variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, ceramics, woodworking, textiles, and glass blowing.

In the Summer of 2015, he returned to Japan to began an internship as a photography assistant to studio owner Jin Fukuda. He assisted with multiple projects including commercial and fashion shoots with Vogue Japan. Later that year, he organized and produced a photo exhibition for Mr. Fukuda in San Francisco.In 2016, Sean moved to Los Angeles to focus on pursuing a career in photography.

He enrolled atSanta Monica College where he began his formal photography studies. In the summer of 2016, Sean did a second photography internship at Nacasa & Partners in Tokyo, which is a leading architecture photography firm in Japan. While working at Nacasa & Partners he worked with to some of Japan’s greatest architectural photographers.

As of 2017, upon returning to Los Angeles, Sean began working for Tortoise Gallery in Venice as a product photographer, and gallery assistant. Sean is now a full-time freelance photographer, working with fashion brands, furniture companies, magazines, and major entertainment clients

Sean has recently been focused on diversifying his photography, exploring new methods, and subject matter. His strongest images tend to be documentary lifestyle photography, but he is also skilled at framing and capturing artificially created images, such as commercial photography. Sean holds a deep appreciation and respect for all forms of photography, and he is often looking for a new way to create unique imagery and provide a new vision for people to discover in life.

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